Went out today with the intent on grabbing an MXR Carbon Copy but found these instead and figured I’d give them a shot and save some $$$.


First off, the SMF(www.smartpeoplefactory.com) Interstate 5 Delay just looked cool. And it’s a local company so I figured, what the hell. Don’t know if they exist anymore but whatever. It was cheap. It’s got some cool features. Like a built in effects loop so you can apparently ad effects to the delay. Or you can use the effects return jack to hook up an expression pedal to control the delay time. Probably will never use that cause I’d rather have a tap-tempo switch. No big deal but a cool feature to have. I really dig the idea of the “warm” knob. But with these Titan amps, it doesn’t really matter what delay I put in the loop(I like to use the effects loop for delay) the delay always sounds warm and dark. Been meaning to email Titan and see if there is anything I can do about that. Anyway… That’s a big reason I decided not to spend $140 on a Carbon Copy. That, and I rarely ever use any effects. So for now, I’m digging the I-5 Delay. And I love the name cause I’ve spent my share of time on I-5 because of traffic delays. Decent little pedal. And when I pulled the bottom plate off to replace the battery, looked like the internal workings were very solid.

The Axcess Analog Chorus(by Giannini?). Well… I asked the guy if they had any cheap, used chorus pedals. This was it. $20. Never heard of it and not the best but it works for me. If anything, I like just a tiny touch of chorus. I mostly just use chorus when I’m jamming at home with the countless amounts of 80s hair metal cd’s I have. 😀 And this works just fine for that. But, I usually like to run the chorus in front of the amp. It added a ton of noise up front and I don’t run a noise gate so I threw it in the loop with the delay. Problem solved. As far as I can tell, these things go new for about $50. So $20 for one in spotless condition works. I’ll still probably rather have a Boss Super Chorus but for now… whatever.

Here’s a quick clip of the pedals. Don’t expect anything awesome. I was just dicking around. It’s the Warbanez through the 100 watt Titan>V30>cheap mic>Lexicon Alpha>Adobe Audition. The pedals are in the loop.

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