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Today should be a national holiday

Jan. 24, 1935 is a day that shall live on in infamy.
First canned beer sold in the US.

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Change to the March 2 Show…

Sister Sin has be replaced buy Hanzel Und Gretyl.

Buy your tickets HERE!

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TSID at Studio 7 w/ the Genitorturers March 2

Genitorturers – Sister Sin – Spiderface – This Soil Is Diseased – featuring “Noel Austins Phreaks” side show act. 3.2.2011

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It’s Alive!

Got the machines up and running again and re-educating myself on it all. For now I’m just going to be recording covers of some of my favorite songs that I grew up with. No real plans for original Mechanistic music anytime soon. For now I’m just having too much damn fun.


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